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Here’s what our clients think…

“All of us at Austin H. MacCormick Island Academy recognize the challenges that our students will face upon reentry to the community. People, such as Hassan Yasin, and groups, such as Giant Thinking, help in our efforts to make their transition a successful one.”
Frank Dody, Principal
Austin H. McCormick , Island Academy

“I have had the opportunity to sit in and participate in countless youth development workshops during my career and I must admit that I have not witnessed a facilitator who possessed greater skills that you exhibited. Your interactive style and compelling subject matter in your Giant Thinking workshop is still being talked about amongst the young men who participated.”
Shawn Dove, Program Director
The Rheedlen University for Community Education

“As a spectator, I was able to receive useful information that would enhance my own personal growth. I hope in the near future Mr. Yasin would agree to come to our school again to conduct workshops targeting issues our student’s face daily encouraging them to become GIANT THINKERS.”
Ms. Dimta-jo Loftin, Educational Associate
Second Opportunity School at The Door

“I was extremely pleased with Mr. Yasin. He is very talented and his delivery is second to none. To say that the students and staff were mesmerized by his presentation is an understatement. He simply blew them away. Students who weren’t programmed for his workshops wanted to skip their scheduled classes to attend the Giant Thinking presentations. Staff members even used their lunch and prep periods to attend.”
Mrs Elaine Lindsey, Principal
Brooklyn Academy High School

“I would like to thank you and your entire staff at Giant Thinking for a wonderful presentation you gave to our youth at the NYC Department of Probation (Manhattan Family Intake Services Branch). Your team had a profound and positive influence on both the probationers and staff in attendance. Your visits with the probationers help them to think about alternatives toward resolving conflicts in their daily live.”
Sherry Taylor
Probation Officer

“Giant Thinking spoke to our students during the Principal for a Day activity. It was a real delight to have him motivate, stimulate and illuminate how Giant Thinking methods help to encourage students to address and deal with their problems. He gave a wonderful presentation and I believe that his message is extremely valuable to our at-risk students.”
Franklin L. Brickler, Principal
Project Y.O.U. (Youth Options Unlimited)

“I have never seen a facilitator reach students in as powerful a manner as you have. It was clear from the way that the students followed you out of the center, that they were eager to hear more from you. Thank you for creating a positive environment for young people to explore their values and perceptions.”
Susan Haskell, Director of School Activities, SOBRO Youth Center