Meet The Team

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Hassan Yasin-Bradley aka G.I.A.N.T.

(Growing Is A Noble Thing)

Aviary Photo_130311082599219642 CEO & Founder of the BARTENDAZ, regarded as the father of the bar for his ability to plant the seed of cool urban culture within the usually bland world of exercise science. Sparking the most obese generation in the history ofcreation to move their bodies and have fun while doing it. Taking simple body weight natural movements and elevating them to a sublime art form of self expression, recognized by experts and laymen as a optimal form of preventive medicine – Giant has inspired generations of Giant thinkers across the globe.

Solomon Gould aka Dr. Good Body

Aviary Photo_130313652343196205 Athletic Alchemist student of bio-mechanics, functional anatomy and kinesiology. Dr. G provides the scientific link behind the secret art of the BARTENDAZ Natural Movement System.

Roderick Hatcher aka Transformer (The Rock)

Aviary Photo_130313673085839103 Platinum General – Most experienced veteran of BARTENDAZ members with over 200 performances. Transformer (The Rock) is a steady calming force within the dynamic BARTENDAZ team, known for his incredible strength.

Zafir Yasin-Bradley

(Young GIANT)

Aviary Photo_130313671494236183 BARTENDAZ Purple General aka President of H.I.T. Squad (Heroes In Training). Young GIANT has 5 years of experience in calisthenics and training his peers to stay fit and learn about the rhythm of the body. At the tender age of 8 Young GIANT has the determination to expound far beyond his potential. Young GIANT is a lifelong member of BARTENDAZ, known for his strength and karizma.

 Caesar Escobar aka Purple Matrix

Aviary Photo_130313677575561874 Platinum General – Master of gravity, defying spins, balance and spontaneous spastic movement on the bar. Purple is also bilingual, bridging the imaginary gap between the black and brown nations.

Brittany Wilson aka Honey Bee!

Aviary Photo_130313652592522420 The first woman general in BARTENDAZ history. Set the precedent for feminism in body weight fitness by proving that a lady could literally hang with the fellas, without looking like one. Known for her graceful movements and fluid body language. Honey Bee is a historic trend setter in the BARTENDAZ family.

Talia Coles aka Isometiculos

Aviary Photo_130313671838077320 Multifaceted mogul TALIA COLES embodies the word “couture”; merging high impact, genre breaking music with stunning elements of fashion, dance and exercise.Another woman general in the tradition of Honey Bee, Isometiculos brings her own special flavor to the BARTENDAZ table. With incredible routines and a body to match Isometiculos has a mesmerizing style and presence that commands attention and demands respect.

Ahmad Ular Aka Seeker

Aviary Photo_130313682919408008 Age: 31.
Hometown: Unknown.
Occupation: Unknown
How did you find BARTENDAZ: I learned about BARTENDAZ from The Web, Giant taught,
Why BARTENDAZ: Giant blew my minds with his movement
Future goals: To keep the essence of this BARTENDAZ system alive.

Dasani Aka

Aviary Photo_130313673350913293 Age: 11
Hometown: Brooklyn, Ny
Occupation: student
How did you find BARTENDAZ: my mother brought home a dvd
Why BARTENDAZ: because I learn, many new things, & its fun
Future goals: to go to college

Hyacinth Hall aka Sky

Aviary Photo_130313697222584710 Age: 22
Hometown: Brooklyn
Occupation: Full time nursing student
How did you find BARTENDAZ:However Dynasty really encouraged me & introduced me to the team.
Why BARTENDAZ: BARTENDAZ are humble. They do it for the youth & for a positive cause.
Future goals: Med school & continue working with BARTENDAZ

Andrew Creary aka Mr. NFL ~ The Golden Child

Aviary Photo_130313697222584710 Age: 27
Hometown: Westbury, Ny
Occupation: Advocate counselor
How did you find BARTENDAZ: YouTube
Why BARTENDAZ: The morals, principals & lifestyle
Future goals: To promote health, wealth & fitness to the world though many avenues.

Danny Santiago aka Grade A ~ The Juggler

Aviary Photo_130313697222584710 Age: 32
Hometown: NYC.
Occupation: Entrepreneur/music producer.
How did you find BARTENDAZ: Met Hassan Yasin 1994 through his Giant Thinking program.
Why BARTENDAZ: BARTENDAZ educate the youth & community through
positive drive & continuous discipline.
Nobody does it like BARTENDAZ.

Donald Phinazee aka Bandana

Aviary Photo_130313697222584710 Age: 24
Hometown: Harlem, Ny
Occupation: Private personal trainer
How did you find BARTENDAZ: Sub O dvd
Why BARTENDAZ: BARTENDAZ are the originators of this pull up lifestyle.
The first family.
Future goals: Owning my own gym.

Micheal Fontanez aka Cinder Block

Aviary Photo_130313697222584710 Age:26
Hometown: Brooklyn
Occupation: Exercise Evolutionist
How did you find BARTENDAZ: A friend.
Why BARTENDAZ: BARTENDAZ is the solution. Modern day super heroes.
Future goals: To continue spreading the awareness of
health & Giant thinking to as many possible.

Mutawakkki Carter Aka Dynasty

Aviary Photo_130313697222584710 .Age: 22
Hometown: Bronx, Ny
Occupation: Full time college student
How did you find BARTENDAZ: I was 14 when myfather brought home aBARTENDAZ DVD.
Why BARTENDAZ: I was tired of the average.
Future goals: To become a P.V. installer & also touch the youth
with fitness by opening fitness centers.

Jedi SkyWalker

2011 Rookie of the Year – Jedi was recently upgraded to Platinum General and is hard working, humble and creative – making him a triple threat. Equally impressive on the floor as well as the bars, Jedi never fails to amaze with his strength, power and creativity.After being introduced to the family by Transforma, Skywalker has quietly and quickly developed into one of the most respected BARTENDAZ due largely in part to his disciplined demeanor and impeccable C.A.P – Character, Attitude & Personality.

Anthony Alderman aka I Natural

Aviary Photo_130313649661213842 Age: 51
Hometown: NYC
Occupation: Exercise evolutionist
How did you find BARTENDAZ. I heard about BARTENDAZ from my neighborhood in Harlem.
Why BARTENDAZ: Because they are youth & community oriented.
Future goals: To be on the board of directors for BARTENDAZ schools

Michael Hall aka Salubrious

Aviary Photo_130313649193506271 Age: 19
Hometown: Brooklyn
Occupation: Full time college student
How do did you find BARTENDAZ: my sister Sky
Why BARTENDAZ: Because BARTENDAZ are so much more than a calisthenics team.
Everything they do is for the youth to uplift the community.

Laquana Reardon – Thorton  aka Earth

Aviary Photo_130313649945167431 Age: 25
Hometown: Brooklyn
Occupation: recent college graduate B.A. in psychology
How did you find BARTENDAZ: college classmate & my uncle
Why BARTENDAZ: I wanted to learn more about me ~ mind, body & soul, how its interconnected.
Things you can’t learn in a text book.
Future goals: Pushing BARTENDAZ culture forward until its a house hold brand worldwide.

Moses Prado aka Water.

Aviary Photo_130313647727372931 Age: 33.
Hometown: Brooklyn.
Occupation: Exercise Evolutionist.
How did you find BARTENDAZ: I learned about BARTENDAZ from a Giant Thinking class, Giant taught, when I was 15.
Why BARTENDAZ: Giant blew my minds with his movement
Future goals: To keep the essence of this BARTENDAZ system alive.

Blaq Ninja

Aviary Photo_130313676020536459 One of the Original Generals of the BARTENDAZ Unlimited Division – Ninja gets it in with both the weights and Barbara. However, due to his Martial Science background Blaq approaches weight lifting from a non traditional functional perspective – in order to stay flexible yet powerful.With over 20 years of experience under his black belt, Ninja is well known across the globe for his various exploits in numerous fighting circles. With seemingly superhuman strength that defies logic, nearly tripling his own body weight, Blaq Ninja is a conscious live wire ready to spark the fire works for the BARTENDAZ cause whenever and wherever necessary.

Mizz Mobile

Aviary Photo_130313647505131339 Harlem’s own Mr. Swagtastic is a creative connoisseur of basic natural movements. He wisely chooses to perfect numerous sets of Around the World- Pull up, Push up, Dip. Mizz Mobile epitomizes the true essence of the BARTENDAZ training and lifestyle mentality serving consistent, constant basic service. With this no frills, play no games mentality Mizz takes no shorts, keeping it tall, by mastering the often overlooked key to getting it in and NOT getting it injured – the BASICS.