Course Outline



Substance Abuse Awareness:
Topics of discussion:

  • What is SubstanceAbuse?(Legal vs Illegal)
  • The nature of substance abuse
  • Theories on substance abuse

To develop an understanding of substanceabuse and additions, its danger and consquences, its negative effect andimpact on the community and alternate ways of dealing with stress.

ViolentBehavior Awareness:
Topics of discussion:

  • Nature of violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Culture of violence/Dealing with violence

To develop an understanding of thesocio-psychological conditioning that contributes to the views of violence asan acceptable way of handling stress, as well as the impact of violence onsociety.

GangAwareness and Resistance:
Topics of discussion:

  • What is a gang?
  • Why do people join gangs?How do they recruit?
  • How can we resist gangs?(Image vs reality)

To develop an awareness of gang activityand identify the signs of gang behavior in the community.

Visual Aid:
Topics of discussion:

  • Verbal and Physical Abuse
  • Sustance Abuse
  • Violent Behavior Awareness

To provide empowerment and self awarenessinformation through short stories films based on the harsh realities thatyoung women and men are faced with in todays society.

Toxic Thinking vs. Healthy Thinking:
Topics of discussion:

  • What is the most important part of the human being?
  • What are emotions?

To develop respect of self and others,regardless of race, sex, age,religion etc.

7 Keys to Personal Motivation:
Topics of discussion:

  • Circle of Influence (plans to increase the circle of influence)
  • Identify the freedom and liberty that one has.

To develop a personal motivation of selfand others.

The Influence of Words:
Topics of discussion:

  • What is a word?
  • Imagevs. Reality
  • Educationvs. The Streets

To develop an awareness of the causes andeffects words have on individuals attitude, character and choices.

Topics of discussion:

  • Types of Leadership
  • Communication
  • Controlling group performance

To Influenceindividuals towards goal achievement

(Physical Fitness – Self Empowerment)
Topics of dicussion:

  • Alcohol/ Tobacco Awareness
  • Drug Awareness
  • Physical Fitness (pull-ups,push-ups &dips)
  • Nutrition

To inspire individuals towards improvingphysical fitness without the use of potentinally dangerous weights, and to understand the meaning of C.A.P.(Character, Attitude and Personality)

Conflict Resolution:
Topics of discussion:

  • What is conflict and conflict resolution?
  • Anger recognition and Awareness
  • Causes of conflict

To develop an understanding of theconcept of conflict and conflict resolution also to identify signs of angerand how to control it.

M.A.L.E Empowerment
(Make, Ask, Learn, Educate)
Topics of discussion:

  • Getting to know you/Self-Esteem and Image
  • Personal Leadership and Community responsibilities
  • Relationship with females/ Fatherhood and family.

To develop an awareness of self, purpose, place and function.

Peer Pressure:
Topics of discussion:

  • Negative and Positive Peer Pressure
  • Values, Beliefs and Feelings
  • This topic will be approched from all possible areas.
  • Using drugs, alcohol, joining gangs various criminal activity etc.)
  • The importance of decision making based on their own code of ethics will be stressed

To understand what peer pressure is and how it work to reconize how their self concept and values impact on their ability to handle peer pressure.