52 Blocks

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What is 52 Hand Blocks?

52 Blocks is a simple system but inside its simplicity lays layers of complexity discovered by the practitioner. Now, the definitive meaning behind the name 52 blocks at a glance the term seems to have derived by the following method, a training regiment with a deck of cards. Where the deck of cards represented a random insidious nature as in the phase let the cards fall where they may, or whatever whenever- without rhyme or reason. But you have to take into account that each card was a repetition of a routine that was being done to sharpen up the practitioner.

Thus the name 52, as in 52 pick up the card game where the cards equal the rep in the exercise that you’re performing. However, randomness doesn’t explain the deceptive and systematic process that the hands display while transitioning into guards (defensive) position that became known as blocks. Indeed, the reason the craft is called 52 has to do with the science of protecting the body using the angles inside the square 90, 45, and 30 degrees respectfully. The number 52 represents the geometry that the hands take while defending/shielding the body from harm.

CONSTLELLATION52GLOBLAL focus on the tri-star method of the 52 experience. “52 Culture”: Expanding our efforts and resources to provide Historical Accuracy about our past and the 52 style of boxing as we call it today. “52 Fitness”: Endurance callisthenic that adds an exceptional approach to training where each exercise is design to maximize the body full potential to the extreme Regiment of Steal the like the BARTENDAZ program. And lastly “52 Combat” Our staler Boxing and Self- Defense programs based strongly in 52 Culture and 52 Fitness as taught by genuine Instructors who have earned their communities respect.

The Men and Women at CONSTLELLATION52GLOBLAL strive to be “Exemplary” in every matter that carries the hopes and traditions of this Noble Craft. Each Person is dedicated at being and helping you become your best. We are “Authentic” with a stable approach to goal building, establishing concrete methodologies that consistently produce the highest results.

Our “Official” position on the matter of 52 Blocks is to ensure that no stone is unturned and that all needs are met with quality. And lastly our no- nonsense approach is the most “Realistic” program teaching 52 Culture, 52 Fitness, and 52 Combat today.

As we continue to build these communities as a “Brotherhood” throughout world from Block to Block, State to State, and Country to Country so come join us.